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Location Package

This package is the best way to enjoy photography in Kyoto!
Total coordination from kimono to hair and makeup.
Why don't you dress up in a beautiful kimono and have your photo taken at a famous sightseeing spot?

Location Package
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Location Package
1 person
26,400 yen (tax included)
Select a kimono of your choice.
After getting ready, we will take you to a beautiful sightseeing spot in Kyoto.
This is a recommended package for location shooting at beautiful sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
Please enjoy shooting while feeling Kyoto.
After the shooting, you can go sightseeing in Kyoto.
 Time required: about 3 hours (Until the end of filming)
・Casual Kimono Rental
・Hair set

・Hair ornament rental
・Location shooting
・About 40 photos (to be sent by e-mail at a later date)
・Free time for walking
・Kimonos can be returned by 16:30.

※One of the following locations: Yasaka Pagoda, Maruyama Park, Incline, Gion Shirakawa River (9:00 reservation only).


Change Kimono Type

silk kimono

+  2,750yen

​・formal kimono


​・Formal Kimono Special Selection


long-sleeved kimono


bringing one's own clothes

・formal kimono

+  3,300yen


+  3,300yen

・long-sleeved kimono

+  6,600yen

・wedding clothes


・casual kimono

+         0yen

Additional Shooting Content

30 minutes additional shooting time


60 minutes additional shooting time


・Photographed with companion

+  2,200yen

※Per shot

+  1,650yen~ 8,800yen

Photo data

・skin resurfacing

+  2,800yen

※Per sheet

Photo Album(postage not included)


Change of return method

・Next day return 

※Bring it to the store in the morning.

+ 1,100yen

・Next day return
※Send by courier in the morning

+ 2,200yen

・Return to Hotel

​※Kyoto hotels only

+  2,200yen

Location Package Photo Gallery
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